Last week felt like a significant junction along the speaking journey. I combined the various angles that I speak on into a new talk format called:

How Emotional Fitness & Technology create High-Performance Peak-Productivity “flow.”

It is all about how the speed of technology change is increasing causing great workplace stress. Based on the way we communicate and do business is changing. How to work smarter, to be more productive, by navigating the growing speed of change in technology, and using the 1PagePlan to stay focused and grow as the explosion of information and new artificial intelligence tools take over.

This provided a great link to Emotional Fitness as a core method of building resilience and confidence in the face of stress and change. How our inner feelings and thoughts help to influence and create our future reality.

While I was stoked with the talk and the amazing feedback ratings, I also saw some huge areas of growth for next time, to improve and do it better next time. See below for the video which was broadcast via Facebo0ok Live to be viewed by 118 during the evening event.