Fully trusting who you are, your team and your technology to make work fun.


On a mission to support people from stress and self-doubt to self-trust and flow, to empower individuals with the freedom and tools to consistently perform at their best for more predictable sports and business results.

This passion for helping people raise their performance and productivity comes from my history when I used to struggle with self-doubt, stress and anxiety. Living in my head used to be the safe place to avoid uncomfortable feelings of fear and anger that I did not understand.

My inner trust journey, empowered by Emotional Fitness, has been learning the interplay of head and heart. I now support business leaders and professional athletes to understand the energy creating inner trust, combined with the right technology (AI) and emotional well-being for true freedom. This is the energy creating our health, passion and future events. Knowing who we are, built around team and brand trust, fueling the synchronicity and flow of good things for more predictable success in sports and business results.

Rob Robertson

We are Energetic Beings Disguised in Physical Form

 As a team culture and strategy advisor, energy healer and business mentor, I help people and teams think differently to improve their stress, passion and energy levels. Hence I enjoy quoting the science of quantum physics to explain how our inner initiative healing power works.

Science is changing how we view reality, yet most people still think we are isolated humans, not connected energetically. The evidence is that everything is energy at the most fundamental level, that we are energetic beings disguised as independent physical human bodies.

We know that thoughts are energy, and emotion can be defined as energy in motion. Try getting out of bed in the morning without energy. Energy drives everything, and quantum physics has proven everything is connected at an energetic level. Also, looking beyond that at a macro level of energy, the fundamental power of the world is energy in the form of money, oil, and such resources.

The study of energy dates back to the birth of quantum physics in the early 1900s. When scientists began smashing electrons and other particles in enormous accelerators, they quickly realised that the foundations of the physical world weren’t physical. It became clear that everything in our body comprises tiny, indivisible units, or quanta, of energy called photons.

Quantum entanglement explains how two subatomic particles can be intimately linked to each other even if separated by billions of light-years of space. Despite their vast separation, a change induced in one will affect the other. Yet much of the earth’s population used to think they were disempowered separate energy bodies. Social media and the Internet of Things have started changing old thinking as people can no longer live in the illusion of separation.

Science has shown us that the material world we see, including our bodies, is 0.0000001% solid, yet we believe that our physical body is a separate reality. Because it is all connected, if we understand how energy can be blocked in our body, which causes disease, we start to understand our true power. 

By accepting that everything is energy at the most fundamental level, we start challenging many old false assumptions about life. We understand our intuitive power and how emotions are our most noticeable energy expression. This also helps explain the karmic effect of doing good or bad things –  we all live in an interconnected energy pool called life.

So the point is that the world is changing faster than ever. Technology change is getting faster, changing what’s possible if we have an open mind towards change. This, along with understanding the energy field and our influence, results in greater flow, while those stuck on the old 3D worldview of separation are more stressed and struggling. We all have a choice, and we all create our future with each moment and each thought. 

WHY This Passion?

Helping others release self-doubt is what drives me, by giving people the tools to help them understand their energy triggers, to build their own inner knowing and trust, built around strong intuition and Emotional Fitness. It is possible to feel connected to a greater power and constantly guided, knowing inside we have all answers for that moment if we need them, yet are equally free to just let go of needing to know – to trust that the universe has our back.

I am on a mission to empower people to feel that total trust in themselves, to feel purposeful and passionate about their path in life. The tools I use as a business mentor and strategy coach are the 1pageplan, intuitive coaching, and energy healing, supported by the HeartQuest Heart Rate Variability monitor to review vitality and well-being. 

This is my story of true freedom, moving from abuse and self-doubt to self-esteem and full self-acceptance. The massive gifts that have resulted from released anger and self-doubt are why I am driven to help others avoid the same inner self-esteem struggles and to feel empowered, connected, and guided – totally at peace with who we are.

True inner freedom is not being ‘Mr Positive’ in the head as I was for ten years. That was living the illusion that being safe meant controlling things so that I did not feel the emotions I did not want or understand. True freedom is to allow the full spectrum of emotions, to connect fully to the energy field and know how to benefit from and channel negative emotions. Having inner trust without judgment, knowing that any situation is merely feedback, takes us along the journey of total self-acceptance; empowered and feeling guided to handle anything.

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What Our Clients Say

Below are some client comments after working with Rob Robertson.

“Rob provides his clients support and encouragement to get clarity on their goals and intentions, and then delivers strategies to help make them happen. He goes above and beyond to ensure his clients succeed! Highly recommended.”

Anne Boswell

Director, Brightspark Communications

“While seeking help on gaining clarity around the type of leader and role model I should focus on becoming, I hired Rob to coach me through reaching the next level in my career.

He worked with enthusiastic energy, while constantly demonstrating his expert knowledge in both personal and business professional development. I stepped up in both areas of my life and he succeeded in teaching me the highly effective habits of successful people. I still use these in my daily life today.

I would recommend Rob to anyone who is looking to step up and step out and needs a strong and confident guide to light the way. ”

Jason Liddiard

CEO, HubStar

“Rob offered his valuable to time to assist me with strategic thinking around my personal management of business challenges. His style is very easy going and non-judgemental and he provides some useful tools for narrowing your focus on key issues. Leadership can be tough at times and there can be big expectations on personal performance which flows into team performance. Ultimately the answers are often within yourself and Rob can help you draw these out.”

Nick Yates

CEO, Switch Utilities

Rob has an innate ability to extract what is in your head, put it down on paper and get it to make sense in a way that is motivating and inspiring. The processes that Rob provided us with provided clarity for us and our team. We hope to work with Rob again in the future.”

Brady Williams

Managing Director, Active Building Management

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