It was a real pleasure to be a guest on The Circle Of Excellence Webinar. The Circle Of Excellence is a trusted worldwide network for entrepreneurs in 50 countries. 

The focus was Emotional Fitness and how the pain body is the filter creating our future. In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, the pain body is the cause of higher levels of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm via a dysregulated nervous system. The pain body is a collection of negative emotions that affect our mental and physical health, creating anxiety, affecting relationships, and hindering success and productivity.

In this webinar, I explain how Emotional Fitness is the ability to use the full range of emotions to feel and express any unneeded negative emotions. Because it’s the pain body that is the source disconnecting or blocking our aspirations from naturally flowing into reality in life. Yet the pain body wants to be released.

During this 30-minute webinar, I teach how Emotion Decluttering(Pain Decoding) is the technique to release the pain body, our store of negative emotions and trauma that we accumulate over time. As we release the pain and inner negative stuff, we open our hearts to live with unbridled passion, trust and a level of self-esteem and strength that allows true vulnerability.

How to create the space for greater trust, success, and flow is my journey and my passion.