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 Technology and Team Culture

As the speed of technology growth and AI explodes, so does the possible level of distraction, stimulation and overwhelm. As Founder and CEO of the Unboxed Operating System, Rob Robertson helps leaders connect the systems, data and technology for vastly higher productivity. Helping clients reduce manual information processing, to understand the right cloud technology tools to inspire a ‘get more done culture.’ To look at how you can raise performance, productivity and profitability, either book a free online strategy session or visit Unboxed Operating System to learn more.

Executive Coach & Mentor

Since 2006 Rob Robertson has been a business mentor for Business Mentors NZ and was trained as an Executive Coach in 2001 and is passionate about helping people find both inner and outer freedom and flow. This also applies to his work as a mental skills coach in sports.

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Keynote Speaker

Rob Robertson is a professional speaker driven to make success and high-productivity easier, by understanding the fast changing technology landscape of tools and apps, plus the emotional fitness creating vastly higher resilience, productivity and output. To find the high-performance “flow” advantage, which is a consistent peak performance vastly more productive state in sport, leadership and team output.

Teaching practical skills on how Technology and Emotional Fitness enable High-Productivity. Built on his personal journey overcoming huge fear and self doubt, combined with his passion for technology, have helped him more efficiently follow and achieve his dreams. He has an inspirational message, linked with valuable technology tools and techniques to shift thinking and inspire purposeful focus and action.

Keynote Topics

  • Cloud Integration, IT Strategy, Productivity Tools & Digital Transformation
  • AI, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Technology Trends & Strategy
  • Productivity, Information Overwhelm, Mindset, Stress and Time Management
  • Team Culture, Collaboration and Team Communication Tools
  • Emotional Fitness, Resilience, Sports Psychology, Anxiety and Mental Skills
  • Personal Success, Life Balance, Goal Setting, Inner Trust and Leadership
  • Sales Strategy, Building Trusted Relationship and Digital Growth Strategy
  • Business Automation, IT Systems and Marketing Automation Strategy

Sports Mental Skills Coach

During the last 20 years as a Sports Mental Skills Coach, Rob has worked primarily with tennis players and some golf clients. Including some work in soccer, netball, swimming and rugby. He has worked with professional touring athletes and local club players.

Sports Mental Skills coaching helps clients reach higher levels of sports performance and confidence. Often the focus is on Emotional Fitness, understanding the links between our unconscious emotional stuff, thoughts, and performance. The outcome is increased mental toughness to find greater satisfaction in sport including to be able to win close matches.

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Energy Healing, Medium, Spiritual Guide & Coach

An Energy Healer, Medium, Spiritual Guide and Coach who teaches Emotional Fitness and the Energy Formula. I love to help people release the energetic and emotional blocks to reclaim complete trust, vitality and inner knowing, to move from head to heart to feel on purpose, fully trusting the flow of inner knowing in sport and/or business.

I am on a mission to empower people to feel total trust in themselves, to feel on purpose and passionate about their path in life. The tools I use are the 1pageplan, energy healing, intuitive guidance, and channelling, supported by the HeartQuest Heart Rate Variability monitor to review the level of stress, vitality and well-being. 

This is my story of true freedom and moving from abuse and self-doubt to self-esteem and full self-acceptance. The massive gifts that have resulted from released anger and self-doubt are why I am driven to help others avoid the same inner self-esteem struggles. To feel empowered, connected, and guided, totally at peace with who we are.

True inner freedom is not being ‘Mr Positive’ in the head as I was for ten years. That was living the illusion that being safe was to control things so that I did not feel the emotions I did not want or understand. True freedom is to allow the full spectrum of emotions. Connect fully to the energy field and know how to benefit from and channel negative emotions. The inner trust without judgment that any situation is feedback, along the journey of total self-acceptance, empowered to feel guided to handle anything.

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