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Sports Mental Skills coach

During the last 20 years as a Sports Mental Skills Coach, Rob has worked primarily with tennis players and some golf clients. Including some work in soccer, netball, swimming and rugby. He has worked with professional touring athletes and local club players.

Sports Mental Skills coaching helps clients reach higher sports performance and confidence levels. Often the focus is on Emotional Fitness, understanding the links between our unconscious emotional stuff, thoughts, and performance. The outcome is increased mental toughness to find greater satisfaction in sport including to be able to win close matches.


The tennis techniques of the top 100 ATP players vary immensely. It is the inner game of self-belief and Emotional Fitness that determines players’ mental toughness and how far they will go in the world rankings. This is especially obvious when a player ranked at 500 plays a top 100 player. It’s often not their tennis technique that lets them down, it’s their self-belief and the ability to switch off the external stuff, the outer world.

Rob has developed a tennis mental skills program called ProTennisMind.com suitable for anybody from professional to club players. To find out more, book a free online meeting to explore if it’s right for you.

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