It was a pleasure to be interviewed last week by Natalie Cutler-Welsh as a guest on her Reality Check Radio show. We spoke about the impact of the pain-body and emotions in creating our future and how the flow state is the new normal when we build our level of trust. How to drop into deeper layers of the heart to redefine masculinity as the new badass male energy. Plus, so much more.


Click here to listen to the full interview.

Rob Robertson Radio Interview on building self esteem and trust

While that radio interview is about emotions and building trust, today’s blog post is focused on one aspect that I covered later in that radio interview: redefining masculinity. In the following TEDx talk, Mike Cameron explains how true strength is about facing our genuine emotions and vulnerability.

I am not much of a movie buff, so I had not heard of Justin Baloni until today when I listened to his TEDx talk about redefining masculinity.