During yesterday’s talk, the keynote software on my Macbook Pro froze when the second slide came up. This is unusual as this almost never happens to a Mac. That’s why the top Professional Speakers use a Mac rather than a PC because they’re vastly more stable.

On reflection, I could have fixed it by just closing and restarting Keynote, as it was the only software that had the dreaded spinning wheel. Yet it was the first time I had experienced this so as an Accredited Professional Speaker, I immediately went to plan B, to talk without slides which is ingrained into my practice routine.

The learning for me was if it was a big conference in the future, I would take the slides on my iPad and also on my Windows PC so that I could plug either of them in to carry on. Yes, I have both a PC and a Mac as I am a geek who tests things on both IOS and Windows.

Therefore below is the recording of the slides from that talk with a voiceover for yesterday’s group explaining the Inner Operating System model.

To learn more, please visit massiveupgrade.ai for the prerelease of the Inner Operating System online learning.