A friend’s social media post had these words: “Life Is Too Short To Be Unhappy”, which I don’t fully agree with!

In the following video, I discuss a different approach: embracing the full spectrum of emotions. This is how we feel fully our heart by going beyond the pursuit of constant joy. To embrace our shadow and feel all emotions, including negative emotions. This is the path to deeper inner growth and greater long-term happiness. Rather than hide in the false illusion of only accepting certain emotions!

Let’s dive deep into our hearts, acknowledging and embracing ALL emotions – even our shadow. To feel and understand every part of who we are. 

When we are open to feeling such unpleasant emotions, we can easily release our pain-body. This is the source of what we create in life, as explained in the following video. How our Inner Operating System is the source empowering real growth if we release layers of our pain-body.