How many excuses have you made today?

This week?

How about over your lifetime?

We all do it. Many excuses we use without thinking. I don’t have time. I’m too tired. I can’t because I’m too old/young/tall/short – you name it, it can be used as an excuse.

Excuses create energy blocks that impact our level of success. Our beliefs and excuses are closely aligned. therefore it is this inner programming that creates our future reality. When we start to use excuses, we are telling ourselves we don’t have control over what is happening. For example, when I use an excuse like I don’t have time, I become disempowered. I create an ‘I can’t’ energy block that holds me back and reduces my time efficiency. What starts as a simple excuse can ripple out and block the day, week, or even a lifetime.

But it doesn’t have to. By taking responsibility and replacing the excuse with something more powerful like I haven’t allocated time to that task, we stop blaming ‘time’ and place responsibility back on ourselves. Think of it as response-ability. After all, everyone has the same twenty-four hours in a day. Now I can see that this is a choice I am making, and I am empowered to come up with a solution by shifting the ‘I can’t’ energy blocker into a more energising belief. Over time, this positively affects our inner programming language.

The question I always ask myself is, how can I work with an excuse to create a strategy towards strength and growth? As some of you know, I have partial dyslexia. It would be easy to use this as an excuse not to get things done – reports, writing, jobs that having dyslexia makes more difficult. Or, I could acknowledge my dyslexia and create solutions that move me towards my goals. For some, the belief/excuse It’s tough out there in the economy at the moment is proving an obstacle that is difficult to get around. Ask yourself, how can I reframe this? Look for the potential and the workarounds.

Unsure if you’re making excuses or if you’re proactively managing your energy and time? Just bring awareness into observing what you say. It’s okay to make a choice not to prioritise the task. Maybe right now isn’t the time to move ahead with something. Not everything that comes our way needs our time and attention, but by actively choosing where to spend our time – taking responsibility – we can create a more intentional, and successful, choices.

Of course, lack of time is not the only excuse we have up our sleeves. We have a whole trick bag of excuses to pick from when we are about to embark on a difficult task, contemplating change, or when we are in a low-energy zone. Excuses like: I’m waiting for the right job/opportunity – there is too much to do -nobody cares anyway – other people are better than me at this – it’s too late to change. Any of these sound familiar?

How much of our excuse-making is self-doubt? At the basis of excuses like: I don’t know enough – I don’t have anything special to say/give – I’m not qualified enough – we are really dealing with the belief that we are not good enough. It is human to have these doubts, to assume that others are more knowledgeable and capable than we are. But each of us has unique skills and attributes that only we can bring to the table. Comparing our doubt-riddled insides to everyone else’s confident-looking outside is unproductive. Everybody is trying to figure things out, making things up as they go along. We need to acknowledge the self-doubt and fear but move ahead anyway.

Using awareness you can notice and decide if you are creating energy-blocking excuses and working to realign these into empowered decision-making will not only assist you in creating solutions and living your higher purpose but will also create better health. We are energetic beings in physical form, and our thoughts and emotions are energy. Science has proven that all molecules at a quantum mechanical level are interlinked. Releasing and letting go, getting rid of energetic blocks, will have flow-on effects on our physical health.

So yes, others might have more experience, the economy might be tough, time might be stretched, and the mountain may seem too high to climb – but choose response-ability and keep working toward your own sports, personal or business success.