The sun was shining today what a great day out in the country.  Finally summer, at last, I was thinking what a joy to be alive.  Then as I drove along I thought I must call a colleague and then my mind said no, this is not necessary and gave me a number of excuses why not.

Then that very person called me wondering where I was!!  I had been expected at their place but not with a fixed time.  I had an immediate negative feeling as I felt I had let them down. They had now chased me, all because I did not listen to my feelings, my mind dominated that moment in time.

Looking back now it is very clear the game my mind played.  In more recent times in life, I  will often recognize that it is the mind so that I can follow the feeling.  The feeling or intuition is normally more accurate, able to do the right thing, rather than let the mind dominate based on logic and its knowledge.   The mind is great at interpreting and analyzing yet normally it is the intuition that is the most accurate source of decision making and self-help.

I believe everything happens for a reason, so today was to teach me another lesson and today it was the ongoing point to stay awake in the moment, observing the mind as it argues with the feeling or hunch. Awake to then do what I feel is needed that moment in time.   This is the magic of the present we call NOW!

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