After the frustration of listening to the passionless Dean Barker, I got fired up in my video blog post today. I explain that the key to peak ‘in the zone’ sports performance is emotion. Emotion means ‘from which motion comes’ and can be defined as energy in motion. My video blog below explains the Sports Psychology ideas on how to handle pressure for Team NZ in the Americas Cup 2013.

Leaders come in different personality styles. I never encourage outward expression of anger as such but to be real and express true feelings, to be emotionally intelligent. Hence it was frustrating the way that Dean Barker said that ‘negative energy will not help!’ Of course he is right, at some level, but if you disown and suppress negatives you are not taking true responsibility for success. This can affect team chemistry, people putting on a brave face rather than being real. Like the majority of the population, it seems Dean Barker may not understand how to harness the true power of his emotions.

If we suppress and disown negative emotions, they tend to show up in life as annoying things – or worse, we take them out on our friends, family and work colleagues. In extreme cases, they may compound and disable us physically and/or mentally at a later time. Instead, if we understand how to express and observe emotions, we can transform our negative emotions into positive motion, and actions. Awareness is the key so we can sense and feel our often unconscious emotional triggers as they occur.

So good luck today, with today’s final race, hoping the pressure and emotions could be used positively to help them peak.

GO TEAM NZ! You can bring home the CUP in the final race today if you believe emotionally, show some emotion and channel that passion! Use the energy in motion today, you can do it!!

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