I find this video inspirational from David McPhail, a legend of New Zealand entertainment.

To achieve peak sports performance to be ‘in the zone’ it’s our emotions that underlie all performance.  Our emotions are the link to our deep unconscious programing.  The 4 Zone Model explains this and how you can more consistently get ‘in the zone’ by integrating the 3 core zones.  See www.4zonemodel.com for more details.

The 4 Zone Model can apply to any aspect of life.  Often we may have a conflict with what society expects and what our mind is saying, yet if we follow our heart then this is when true happiness and magic can occur.  Living in the flow living in-tune is about being emotionaly authentic and aware.  Living in the moment aware of our emotions to be ‘in the zone!’

See the following video on decisions in life. Enjoy