Emotions & Mindset in times of Change: UpYourBrave Livestream

The last week has been significant for my personal growth because in public, for the first time, I shared the gifts I have gained from suffering sexual abuse as a 7-year old. While most of my friends know this history, it was nice to link this occurrence to my journey from self-doubt to self-belief and self-esteem. The Emotional Fitness tools that I have gained from healing that experience are gifts that I share with others as a professional speaker specializing in Emotional Fitness.

The first video below is when I share my backstory, my personal journey, during the UpYourBrave show, which was focused on Emotions and Mindset in times of change.  As the panel discussion was live-streamed, I was very nervous, which is why I cough and clear the throat chakra energy, which is a history of being too scared to speak out.

The second video below is the full panel discussion and interview from this event on 25 May 2020.

It was a great privilege to be on this panel of great people having impactful discussions.

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