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Rob Robertson is an Entrepreneur, Speaker & Productivity Expert.  He teaches people to move from frantic to flow with tools for greater time freedom, self-esteem, and inner trust. 

With his leading-edge approach, Rob has developed the Emotional Fitness™ toolkit, the Time Productivity Engine™ and Team Trust Engine.™  These tools combine a passion for technology with powerful Emotional Fitness™ strategies to help people make better decisions, reduce stress, and achieve more in less time.  Rob’s own results in life and business have been greatly enhanced by implementing this system, with 2019 a breakthrough year in sports performance and mental toughness.  

As Founder and CEO of Unboxed Performance, Rob leads a team who all work remotely.  Together, they help clients choose the right strategy and technology to build an inspired, remote workplace.  The underlying philosophy is simple, people get more done when they’re driven by passion and purpose, and love what they do. 

Some common Emotional Fitness™ topics Rob speaks about:

Our Emotional Range Is Like A Muscle

Like a muscle, if we don’t use our emotions, we suppress them then they wither away.  Emotions are our most important feedback mechanism and if we develop their full range, not only being comfortable in the positive space, we build a core of true freedom and inner trust.

Negative Emotions Are Our Greatest Gifts 

If we understand that negative emotions are valuable messages, and how to integrate, read, and heal their source, we can grow from the experience and stop repeating old life patterns.  The Emotional Fitness toolkit is a series of techniques for utilizing negative emotions for growth and healing.  They’re uncomplicated tools that can be used alone by anyone with a good level of emotional openness.

Procrastination Is Linked To Fear Of Failure

Research has shown that procrastination is linked to a fear of failure and our inability to manage negative emotions.  Developing Emotional Fitness™ leads to inner trust and we gain the self-esteem and certainty to take positive action.

Good Emotional Fitness™ Leads To True Freedom.

Our emotions and unconscious programming are powerful drivers of our thoughts, actions, and self-esteem.  Understanding Emotional Fitness™ builds a more sustainable source of inner trust and resilience, which in turn creates massive, positive life changes.

Pain Can Be Valuable Feedback For Growth

Pain can be valuable as a feedback mechanism that helps us improve, change, and grow if we know how to release it.   Emotional pain, and the associated energy blocks, are stored in our physical body and can be released via emotional expression.  These blockages show up as tight muscles, poor flexibility, illness, and disease, which are the signals that change is needed to let go of the underlying emotional blocks.

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