Who is Rob Robertson the Energy Man?

Why Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide and Medium

My driving purpose is to help society understand how energy drives everything, and all is connected. We are energy beings disgusted as solid matter, yet only 0.000001 per cent of our body is solid.

 To make growth a more intuitive, easy ‘flow’ of magical goodness. 

support  life easier due to the inner struggles I have had. I love to help people understand the energy-creating ‘flow,’ which is a peak-performance state when we are constantly at our best in life, sport, and business. Often this helps clients move from self-doubt and a stressed state of no time and overwhelm to high productivity and a feeling of complete trust with true inner freedom. ‘Flow’ is to be ‘in the zone’ when life, sport, and business become easy due to empowered self-trust, living a more rewarding, high-productivity, passionate, and successful life.

Why that Why?

Having grown up with massive self-doubt, which was covered up with positive thinking, it was always sport that was the barometer of my mental strength or lack of it! I often found in business that I could ‘fake it till you make it,’ yet I would see a notable drop in performance under pressure in sport. As a result, I am driven to help others avoid those struggles, using the tools I have used to build vastly greater mental and emotional strength and resistance. To now achieve higher productivity in leadership, sport, and business, to feel good about who I am—finally building healthy self-esteem. Hence I get very excited about how technology, mental skills, and Emotional Fitness have helped me progress in my business and sports results. While they are both a work in progress, I am not claiming to know all the answers; I can share what has worked for me and what excites me, helping others get free from the mental struggles I have had.


Using the 1pageplan tools, we define each client’s purpose and vision. Then the strategy and actions to fulfil this purpose and vision. This may be gaining greater awareness about the interplay and power of their head and heart, building better balance and self-belief, and unlocking more passion and success ‘flow.

When this work is with a corporate or sports team,  we use the  1pageplan tools so that each person can collaborate and share their intentions and goals with the team in the cloud. Shared the non-personal aspects of their dreams which they are OK to share with the team. Helping build a shared focus with more supportive self-responsibility and teamwork. With all the goals shared, the last part is tracking the results in the 1pageplans for natural self-accountability with all the team able to view the team results. They are supported by the right technology tools to enhance time management and collaboration, enabling a culture of high productivity.


Clients are supported via executive coaching, training in person or online, facilitation, or by using Rob as a mentor. Success and the desired outcomes vary greatly for each client, yet often the outcome is greater trust, both internal trust of self, and in leadership, by building a team culture of greater responsibility and trust. This is much more than emotional intelligence, it is Emotional Fitness, an internal knowing, an inner trust of self. This is part of my work as the Founder and CEO of the Unboxed Operating System, empowering people to feel good about work from a team culture of greater unity, coherence, and trust.


 I have used his theory and extended it to goal setting for teams with a purpose, using the 1pageplans.