Rob Robertson – Speaker, Entrepreneur and Mentor on Team Productivity, Technology, AI and Team Culture

Rob is a professional speaker specialising in productivity, AI, resilience, Emotional Fitness™, and stress management. He focuses on helping individuals and teams develop mental toughness and inner trust, supported by the best technology tools and AI for better decision-making. By connecting passion, purpose, and automation (AI), Rob helps people shift from stress, self-doubt, and anxiety to self-trust, self-esteem, and increased productivity.

Rob’s own personal journey has been about reducing stress and overwhelm, replacing self-doubt with self-esteem, self-trust, and intuitive decision-making. He loves blending tech tools with Emotional Fitness™ skills to help individuals and teams build greater resilience and trust, leading to greater productivity and success to get more done.

Rob has developed the 1Team Blueprint™ and 1Energy Blueprint™ tools to create a team culture of self-expression, innovation, fun, and flow. He works with business and sports teams to build a winning culture to empower high performance.

As an AI specialist and Emotional Fitness™ mentor, Rob’s passion is to make sport and business easy by providing tools and methods to gain greater resilience and mental toughness. He is a technology advisor, executive strategy advisor and sports mental skills coach who teaches meditation and Emotional Fitness™ tools to build greater resilience and inner trust, reducing stress and overwhelm.